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Let’s chat and connect

Think about the number of people you talk to, you connect with, in one day. From the moment you wake up, to the time you go to bed. Most of us communicate with at least one other person every single…
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Get moving to curb risks

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s latest report, and this makes dementia a national health priority. With no cure for dementia, and limited treatment options available, now…
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Music taps into memories

Music often accompanies defining moments in our lives. From singing the national anthem at school, to the song you walked down the aisle to, music almost always has a role to play. Music can hold cultural significance, it can elicit…
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Mens Shed

People at the centre of care

As we are all aware, a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is underway. In the last two weeks the Commission has come to Western Australia, with hearings first in Broome then last week in Perth. In Broome,…
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Design to help with living

Elements of design can have a significant impact on how a person living with dementia experiences the environment around them. Good design can enable or support a person’s navigation or use of a space, especially if the space is unfamiliar.…
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Group Of Mature Friends Enjoying Outdoor Meal In Backyard

Cafes help connect people

We know that planning for a healthy later life involves more than money. We also know that health is more than the absence of illness, and more than being physically functional. The evidence is clear that social engagement and connectedness…
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