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Dementia Advisory Service

Our Dementia Advisory Service is one of the ways we can help a person with a diagnosis of dementia, and their carer or loved one, work out what their next steps might be.

It is a non-threatening way to find out a bit more, to help ease any anxiety or stress you may be feeling about your diagnosis, or about some of the changes you may be experiencing. It is also a free service, and although some eligibility criteria apply, setting up an appointment is as simple as giving us a call.

One of our trained and experienced staff can come to your home for an hour or two, anywhere in the metropolitan area, and give you information on supports and services that may be available to you now and into the future. They are also there to answer any questions you may have.


Although the Dementia Advisory Service is for people diagnosed over the age of 65, we have a similar service available for younger people who are diagnosed with dementia. For people living outside of the metropolitan area, where a personal visit is not practical, we can talk through your options on the phone.

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To access services or find out more please call 1300 66 77 88 or email us.

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