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What is Dementia

Dementia is more than a biological condition or a set of symptoms, it is a human experience and it changes lives in many ways, some of these changes can be challenging, and some can lead to new experiences of life. To really understand dementia we need to consider both the physiological impacts and the experience of life with a diagnosis of dementia for both the person with the diagnosis and those close to them.

To do this we need to explore the medical, physical, emotional, social, environmental, psychological and spiritual aspects of the person. Both the biological aspects and the human experience. It is important that we consider and understand the contribution each aspect can have on the overall experience and wellbeing for people living with dementia and those close to them. When we truly understand dementia we understand that each of these aspects play important roles in the state of ‘being’ and quality of life the person might experience. This assists us to know and understand how to relate in a way that will enhance the life of the person with dementia.

You will find information in this section on different types of dementia, the associated symptoms and some of the possible impacts these symptoms might have. We explore diagnoses and what you might expect. We look closely at the human experience and explore how to best support the person with dementia. This information can assist us to know how to relate in a way that will enhance the life of the person with dementia.

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