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Alzheimer’s WA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 4755) with decades of experience in educating and training the health care professionals and front line teams who work with those living with dementia.

We believe dementia is a human experience rather than just a biological condition.

Our philosophy of care is rooted in a commitment to a person-centred approach and practice. This is reflected in all of our education and training.

Our highly professional educators are all qualified and have vast and varied experience in providing support to people living with dementia and their families in either community, hospital or residential settings.


Foundation Workshops

Increase your awareness of dementia and gain a better understanding of the impact of dementia on a person’s life. Reflect on your own role in providing person-centred care.

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Support Workshops

Build on your foundational knowledge and introduce more detailed strategies for supporting a person living with dementia and their families.

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Exploration Workshops

Increase your understanding of specific forms of dementia and focus on insights from the latest research that can inform dementia assessment, treatment and support.

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Specialised Courses

Dementia Change Champion Program™

A capacity-building program that supports organisations to develop and maintain a skilled workforce to better support the needs of people living with dementia in the community.

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Training College Operations

 Our Educators

Our educators are suitably qualified and experienced in accordance with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework for the delivery of nationally accredited training products. This includes holding the current requirements for training and assessment qualifications, industry competency and currency across all requirements.

They take part in ongoing professional development and have access to experts in dementia practice and research. They are experienced in providing support to people living with dementia.

Accredited Training

Alzheimer’s WA is a Registered Training Organisation. All accredited courses have an applied focus on skills development and reflective practice, enabling students to transform their own practice, and potentially that of their colleagues, enhancing quality of life for people living with dementia. Nationally accredited programs are marked with the Nationally Recognised Training logo.

All students undertaking one of our accredited courses will require a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

For more information refer to the Obtaining Unique Student Identifiers Procedure (2.2.10 )

Feedback, Complaints & Appeals

Alzheimer’s WA is committed to making sure all students are satisfied with the courses and workshops we deliver and we strive to continuously improve our services. Student and employer feedback are gathered through engagement (formal and informal) and managed through our continuous improvement process.

If a student or employers wishes to make a complaint, Alzheimer’s WA has a robust complaints resolution process outlined in our RTO Complaints Procedure (2.2.1G) and the Student Handbook. The procedure and the handbook set out, in detail, the steps required to have a complaint lodged and managed.

Alzheimer’s WA will investigate any matter raised in a timely fashion according to our Code of Practice and the RTO Complaints Procedure (2.2.1G). If the matter is not settled between Alzheimer’s WA and the complainant, then they have the right to engage an independent arbitrator.

Formal feedback, complaints, compliments and appeals can be lodged by:

For more information refer to the procedures below:

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