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Being Dementia Friendly

When we are dementia friendly we understand the impacts of dementia in a holistic way, we consider both the biological condition and the human experience. We understand that the disease itself is just one part of the whole person and their experience of life. We explore ways to enhance the experience of life for the person with dementia. However, there is a lot of information that conflicts with a friendly understanding of dementia. There are many stigmas and myths associated with the disease and those that have it. These stigmas and myths often become barriers to us really seeing and understanding the person living with dementia and can lead to unfavourable outcomes for the person.

When a person becomes stigmatised it becomes difficult for them to be perceived as anything but that stereotype. The dehumanising of people often starts with stigma. Being dementia friendly can challenge some of the ways we currently think, perceive and feel about the disease and the person with it.

In this section we look more closely at some of these stigmas and myths, we offer new perspectives, look at the language we use and the impacts it can have. We look in more detail at “behaviour’ one of the most common and impactful stigmas associated with dementia. There is also a section where we hear the voices of people living with dementia, sharing their experiences.

Dementia-friendly initiatives:

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