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Future-proof your brain

You probably know by now that Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. We also know that dementia is now the most feared health condition and that there are few treatments available. But did you know that research…
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Glenda and Bronte Parkin

Glenda Parkin focuses on education

It’s Rare Disease Day on Thursday 28 February. As the Australian Bureau of Statistics advised the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recently dementia will become the leading cause of death in Australia by the mid 2020’s, you…
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Australia Day honours for two Alzheimer’s WA members

Alzheimer’s WA congratulates two of its members who were awarded an Order of Australia in the 2019 Australia Day honours. Lynette Chester (pictured left) was awarded the Order of Australia for ‘significant service to community health, particularly to people living…
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Get moving early when you spot signs of dementia

So often I hear of the reluctance of individuals to seek a diagnosis for their dementia or to apply for support to live with the condition at home.  These procrastinations are understandable but counterproductive to living the best life available…
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What a difference a new year makes

As the calendar ticked over to a new year, many of us pondered on what the year ahead may hold.  Some of us made resolutions for the next twelve months. For me, health and happiness are my priority investment goals…
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When loved ones change

As a young child growing up in the back blocks of Australia, this time of year would always bring with it warm weather, the harvest, a prayer we wouldn’t receive summer rain that would spoil the crop and the wish…
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The great tradition at Christmas

There is much discussion in the community – and in my family – about the commercialisation of Christmas. Some worry that Christmas draws you into its vortex and you end up spending far more that you planned. Others worry that…
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Regrets, there are a few

There is no doubt that the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will raise a broad range of issues, many of which will be uncomfortable, some of which will be disturbing and confronting. One of the issues it…
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