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Get moving early when you spot signs of dementia

So often I hear of the reluctance of individuals to seek a diagnosis for their dementia or to apply for support to live with the condition at home.  These procrastinations are understandable but counterproductive to living the best life available…
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What a difference a new year makes

As the calendar ticked over to a new year, many of us pondered on what the year ahead may hold.  Some of us made resolutions for the next twelve months. For me, health and happiness are my priority investment goals…
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When loved ones change

As a young child growing up in the back blocks of Australia, this time of year would always bring with it warm weather, the harvest, a prayer we wouldn’t receive summer rain that would spoil the crop and the wish…
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Regrets, there are a few

There is no doubt that the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will raise a broad range of issues, many of which will be uncomfortable, some of which will be disturbing and confronting. One of the issues it…
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An elderly couple reviewing documents

Plan for the unexpected

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can help when times are tough. I think it can be said for many people that the older we get, the more we realise our happiness comes from things that money just can’t…
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The merit of using reminiscing for health benefits

In 1975, the Seven Network aired a new program called ‘This is Your Life’. It was a reality and documentary-style program hosted by Mike Willesee which took the viewer inside the life and careers of some Australia’s most colourful characters.…
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Grandparents enjoying their time with grandchildren

Knowledge is power: busting dementia myths

There is still so much social stigma around dementia and most of it can be attributed to the lack of understanding of the disease. I challenge you to start a conversation using the information below to begin busting some dementia…
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Ros and Joan

The role of the carer

Next week is National Carers Week; a week that recognises and celebrates the exceptional contribution Australia’s 2.7 million unpaid carers make to our country. According to Carers WA, there is an estimated 320,000 family carers living in WA. The majority…
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Couple embracing on park bench

Aged Care Probe a Vital Call

Australians are reeling from the ongoing revelations of the Royal Commission into the financial services sector only to hear that the Federal Government has announced another Royal Commission, this time into aged care. To his credit, Prime Minister Scott Morrison…
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