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Dementia Change Champion Program

Dementia Change Champions

The Dementia Change Champion™ Program is a capacity-building program that supports organisations to develop and maintain a skilled workforce to better support the needs of people living with dementia in the community. This capacity-building model has been identified as the most effective way to share innovation and best practice in dementia care with organisations in Western Australia.

Participants enrolled onto the this Program will have access to nationally accredited training, ongoing mentoring and support, access to Alzheimer’s WA’s extensive resources and networking opportunities.

On completion of the program, Dementia Change Champions™ have the knowledge and leadership skills to develop staff within their own organisation in the specialised field of dementia care, using a person-centred approach.

There are different Dementia Change Champion Programs tailored to the needs of different sectors.

Community Care Staff

The Program for community care staff assists community organisations to develop staff in the specialised field of dementia care. Its primary aim is to build capacity within the community care sector to support the needs of people living with dementia with an emphasis on the use of a person-centred philosophy.

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Hospital Staff

This two day program supports you to undertake a comprehensive train-the-trainer approach to develop expertise in the care of patients with cognitive impairment. The Program for hospital staff provides education and reflective practice opportunities to enable you to become a resource person in your workplace. You will receive ongoing support, mentoring and education to further develop their skills and knowledge.

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