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Assistance with daily living, therapy services or more, we’re here to help!

Alzheimer’s WA sees you before the dementia. Every person’s experience with dementia is different, we provide person centered services to help you through your journey. We specialize in supporting NDIS funded participants with younger onset dementia, typically under the age of 65 years to access services at home or in the community.

As the dementia care experts, Alzheimer’s WA works with clients, their families, and other organisations to have the greatest impact on the lived experience of those living with younger onset dementia throughout their dementia journey.

As an NDIS Registered Provider, we are regulated by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to provide quality and safe NDIS funded supports and services to our NDIS Participants.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for people with disability to obtain individualized support for an improved quality of life. The NDIS funds for assistance or products that help a person in their daily life and help them participate in the community and reach their goals.

For more information on the NDIS, please click here.

Am I eligible for the NDIS?

The NDIS will provide funding for all Australians with a permanent and significant disability, aged under 65 years living with dementia, to access reasonable and necessary supports tailored to their individual needs. Older Australian’s may also be eligible.

To find out if you are eligible for the NDIS, please click here to access the NDIS Eligibility checklist.

NDIS Funded Services

At Alzheimer’s WA, we provide support for people under 65 years, living with younger onset dementia to access NDIS funded services, achieve their goals, and increase their independence.

We provide the following services:

1.Daily Personal Activities
Alzheimer’s WA will support you with self-care activities to help you continue living independently in your own home. Our in-home services are individually tailored, considering your personal preferences. We will work with you to understand your needs, goals and provide you with quality support that you deserve.

This support is funded through the core budget in your NDIS plan. Our dedicated team of support workers will assist you in the following activities:

  • Personal Care (dressing, toileting, showering, bathing, personal grooming)
  • Meal preparation – Our support workers will assist you with meal preparations and shopping if you are unable to do this task independently.
  • Medication administration (administering or prompting you to take your medication at certain times)
  • Domestic assistance including but not limited to; shopping, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and laundry
  • Short term accommodation (respite)
  • In-home overnight support

2. Social and Community Support

Alzheimer’s WA will support you to engage in the social and community activities of your choice. Our 1:1 support model with a support worker will help you to participate in outings socialise with friends and family and engage in different activities of your choice. We will work with you to identify suitable community-based activities that are of most interest to you. These might include:

  • Shopping & Errands
  • Going to appointments
  • Visiting friends & family
  • Playing sports
  • Entertainment
  • Socialising with friends
  • Attending other recreational activities.

3. Groups and Centre based activities

Alzheimer’s WA provides a wide range of meaningful activities based on the persons strengths, identity and interests giving the family a short break while providing an enriching experience for the person living with dementia. The houses provide meaningful engagement, stimulation and friendship specially designed dementia enabling environments.

Social support groups provide a safe environment for people living with dementia to socialise, remain active in the community and maintain relationships. An important aspect of the groups is that members have input into activities to ensure a sense of belonging and ownership.

We work closely with you to understand your situation and provide you with quality support that suits your needs.

Community Group activities:

Services runs from 9:30am to 2:30pm from a meeting point in the community. The types of activities that are run by the community group includes:

  • Visits to the museum
  • Kings Park Tree Top Walk
  • Day trips to Swan Valley, Yanchep and Perth, Hills

Centre Based Group activities:

These activities are run from one of our houses. Examples of these activities include:

  • Men shed-Shared space for social interaction.
  • Bingo, Table games, arts, and crafts
  • Mini golf and table tennis
  • 1–2-hour bus trip to local park for a walk and morning tea.

Day Centre Locations.

Mary Chester House (Shenton Park): Operates Monday – Friday between 9:30am and 3.30pm
Ella’s House (Mandurah): Operates Monday – Friday between 9:30am and 3.00pm
Hawthorn House (Albany): Operates Monday – Saturday between 9:30am and 3.30pm

For more information on our Day Centers, please click here.

Capacity Building Support

Occupational Therapy

Our qualified Occupational Therapist will assist you in participation of everyday activities. They will work with you to increase your independence by recommending equipment that will enable you to engage in everyday activities, such as personal care, cooking, and jobs around the home.

An Occupational Therapist will come to your house to provide an assessment of your cognitive function and home environment. This will determine your strengths and impairment in completing everyday tasks.

Our team of Occupational Therapists will support you with the following:

  • Assessing basic self-care tasks and daily living activities to increase independence
  • Functional capacity assessments and reports
  • Memory strategies to help manage short term memory loss E.g., Memory aids
  • Advice on new techniques to continue everyday activities such as dressing and meal preparation as the condition advances
  • Working with you to assess and prescribe equipment in developing a daily routine to maintain independence at home
  • Recommending home modifications
  • Cognitive assessment e.g., Memory, orientation, concentration, and language.
  • Educating care givers.

Support Coordination

Our experienced team of support coordinators will support you to connect with NDIS registered providers, community, mainstream and other government services to support you get the most out of your NDIS plan and achieve your goals

 Level 1: Support Connection.

Support to help you understand your NDIS plan, connect with NDIS providers and community, mainstream and other supports to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

This support will increase your confidence and skills to manage your plan independently.

 Level 2: Support Coordination

 Support to put in place a mix of supports to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage tasks, live more independently, and be included in the community. The support coordinator will assist you to understand your NDIS plan, connect with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government services.

This support builds your confidence and skills to direct your live, not just your services and focus on assisting you to build and maintain a resilient network of formal and informal supports. We will support you to understand your funding and design your supports.

How to apply for the NDIS?

If you meet the NDIS eligibility criteria and would like to become a participant, you can either:

  • call NDIS on 1800 800110 and ask to make an Access Request
  • complete and submit the Access Request Form and send by email to NAT@ndis.gov.au
  • contact your local NDIA or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) Partner office

In order to help you with your NDIS journey, the NDIS has created three booklets to make it easier for you, please click here to access.

  • Booklet One: Understanding the NDIS
  • Booklet Two: Planning
  • Booklet Three: Using your NDIS Plan

For more information on how to apply for the NDIS, please click here.

NDIS Service Referral Form​

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If you require support completing the NDIS intake form, please contact our NDIS team on 1300 66 77 88 or email ndis@alzheimerswa.org.au

More information

NDIS Funded Home and Community Services

NDIS Support Coordination Brochure

To find out more about the NDIS and how Alzheimer’s WA can support you, call 1300 66 77 88 or email ndis@alzheimerswa.org.au

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