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Author: Alzheimer's WA

Step up Research for dementia

A way for many to help

Disease and illness often motivates people to try and make a difference in the hope that others will not see or endure the suffering they have. Dementia touches people in this way. My experience is that a significant proportion of…
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Woman in red sweater sharing quality time with her family

Find meaning through volunteering

This month we celebrate National Volunteer Week; the annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s six million volunteers.  So often the conversation is about what an unselfish effort volunteering is, and what a world of difference it…
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Equipped to care for you

As we age we may find that things are no longer as easy to do as they used to be. Sometimes it may seem impossible, or be so risky that we stop doing them. But did you know there are…
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Tom Harmon

Tom’s story is so inspiring

Billy Connelly and Michael J Fox, with their celebrity status, have brought an increased awareness of Parkinson’s disease to the world.  Billy Connelly has even brought his wicked humour to the conversation.  Their willingness to talk about living with the…
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Shot of a loving senior couple taking a walk outside

Care Conversation Crucial

If you were in a catastrophic accident tomorrow and left in a coma, do you have any legally binding instructions regarding your preferences for treatment and care? Have you ever talked to a family member about what you would want…
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Glenda and Bronte Parkin

Glenda Parkin focuses on education

It’s Rare Disease Day on Thursday 28 February. As the Australian Bureau of Statistics advised the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recently dementia will become the leading cause of death in Australia by the mid 2020’s, you…
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