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Stay connected while distancing

Keeping up social connections is vital for maintaining wellbeing, now more than ever before. As we continue to practice social distancing and stay at home it is easy to feel disconnected and alone, and the damaging impact of social isolation…
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Benefits of occupational therapy

Occupational therapists are qualified health professionals who specialise in enabling people with injury or disability, including dementia, to continue participating in everyday life and to retain their existing abilities for as long as possible. What can an occupational therapist help…
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The whole person

Getting a diagnosis of dementia can be a difficult and long process. Often people are told there is nothing much that can be done for you, go home and get your affairs in order. With more and more people being…
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Reducing your risk of dementia

The last thing anyone wants to do in retirement is worry about their health. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, dementia is the leading cause of death in women and the second leading cause of death for all Australians.…
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