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Dementia Champions Program

The Dementia Champions Program assists staff in gaining knowledge, skills, information and materials to support the development of a person-centred approach in community services for people living with dementia who access them.

The program consists of access to specialist dementia training and Alzheimer’s WA’s extensive resources. There are ongoing mentoring and networking opportunities for Dementia Champions as they develop their knowledge and skills and share these with their colleagues.

Places in the program will be limited to ten people per intake, with no more than two staff from each community organisation per intake.

Dementia Champions will be supported by:

  • A one day Dementia Champions introduction course for champions and supervisors;
  • A full scholarship to undertake the Certificate IV in Dementia Practice: nationally accredited qualification is the only dementia-specific certificate IV currently available and will equip Dementia Champions with the knowledge and skills needed to provide their important role within their organisations;
  • Fully subsidised access to all Alzheimer’s WA’s dementia education workshops;
  • Complimentary attendance at the ‘Care and Cure’ lecture series;
  • Complimentary attendance at the Dementia Partnership Project symposium;
  • Dementia Champions network meetings and workplace visits and
  • Ongoing mentoring and support from the Dementia Champions Co-ordinators

This is an exciting opportunity to provide leadership in enhancing the ways person-centred support can be offered by community organisations to people with dementia living in the community.

Community Care Staff

The Dementia Champions (Community) Program assists community organisations to develop staff in the specialised field of dementia care. Its primary aim is to build capacity within the community care sector to support the needs of people living with dementia with an emphasis on the use of a person-centred philosophy.

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Hospital Staff

This two day program will support participants to undertake a comprehensive train-the-trainer approach to develop expertise in the care of patients with cognitive impairment. The Dementia Hospital Champion will be provided with education and reflective practice opportunities to enable them to become a resource person in their workplace. Participants will receive ongoing support, mentoring and education to further develop their skills and knowledge.

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