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Therapy and other health services

At Alzheimer’s WA, we want to support you to live as well as possible with dementia.

One of the ways we can do this is with our therapy and health services. We understand that dementia impacts people differently so our services are tailored to help you adjust to the changes you are experiencing. We aim to support you in areas that you are experiencing difficulty with. We hope this will enable you to continue to live as independently as possible while engaging in the activities that you love.

Our therapy and health services include, but are not limited to: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and social work..

The types of services you choose to access may change according to your needs, however it is beneficial to access these services as early as possible and to continue to utilise these services as the dementia progresses.

Services available

Some of the ways these services can support you include:

Occupational therapy

Provide you with practical strategies and appropriate equipment to support changes relating to your cognition, daily living tasks and behaviour patterns. We can also recommend appropriate home modification.


Maintain your fitness and mobility so as to prevent falls and keep you on your feet for as long as possible.

Speech pathology

Provide you with practical strategies to address language and communication difficulties, eating and swallowing issues and discuss alternative nutrition.

Social work

Provide counselling service around the impact of dementia on you, your family and your relationships. Assistance with some legal documents to support and protect you, including: Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship, Advance Care Plans and End of Life discussions.


Therapy and health services are available through Home Care Packages, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or can be self-funded on a private basis.

Access Services

To access services or to find out more please contact us on 1300 66 77 88 or email us.

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