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Prepare and Manage

Preparing your NDIS plan

Before starting the planning process, think about your life now and in the future.

  • How do things currently work?
  • What sort of supports or services do you currently have?
  • What are your goals and aspirations?
  • What sort of supports and services might you require in the future?

It might help to think about your home life, work (paid or volunteer), transport, health, relationships, learning and hobbies.

The NDIS website has a range of resources to help you prepare your first plan. Visit ndis.gov.au/participants/creating-your-plan

How does the planning process work?

Contact NDIS to arrange a planning meeting, either in person or over the phone, with a NDIS planner.

  • You can invite other people to be with you at this meeting, such as family, friends or a health professional
  • Your NDIS planner will talk to you about things like how you manage everyday activities, what supports you currently receive and your goals for the next 12 months
  • Your NDIS planner will then help you explore options that best meet your individual needs.

Your plan is typically in place for 12 months although some plans may go for six months if required.

Managing your NDIS plan

Your NDIS plan can be managed three different ways.

  • National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) managed: The NDIA pays your providers on your behalf
  • Plan managed: The NDIA will provide funding in your plan for a Plan Manager who pays your providers for you and helps you keep track of funds
  • Self-managed: The NDIA provides you with funding so you can access the supports that will best help you achieve your goals.

Self-managing your plan will give you greater flexibility in the support or services you can choose. Find out more at ndis.gov.au/participants/creating-your-plan

How do I find a support or service?

You can choose your own support providers and how this support is delivered. This may be a person, business or organisation. Providers who are registered with the NDIS are called ‘NDIS registered providers’. Alzheimer’s WA is a NDIS registered provider.

You may be eligible to receive funds for coordination of supports through your NDIS plan. This means a support coordinator will work with you to coordinate the supports you need.

To find NDIS registered providers you can visit ndis.gov.au/participants/working-providers

Plan review

Plans are typically reviewed every 12 months. During this time, think about how your supports are working for you and what else you might need to help you achieve your goals in your next plan.

If your circumstances or needs change you can talk to NDIS about changing your plan before the 12 month review.

Find out more at ndis.gov.au/participants/using-your-plan

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