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Home care package funding

Government funding

Your home care package is a Government subsidy designed to support you in your own home. There are four levels of home care package available. Level 3 and 4 are often referred to as high level packages and are the most common for people living with dementia.


Income-tested fee

The income-tested fee is determined by the Government and will be based on your individual income.

Basic daily fee

The basic daily fee provides an opportunity for you to contribute to your care. A maximum fee is set by the Government, and should you choose to contribute a fee when designing your care plan, the extra funds will allow you to access more services under your plan. This option can be discussed with your care manager when designing your plan.

Can I top up my home care package?

If the level of your package does not meet all of your needs, you can choose to top up your package.


If you have any questions about funding for home care packages, visit myagedcare.gov.au. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 66 77 88.


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