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Younger Onset Dementia Keyworker Program

About the service

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be challenging at any age, however things can be more complex for a younger person – particularly if they are still working, paying a mortgage or looking after a young family.

Alzheimer’s WA’s Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program provides information and support for individuals, who are under the age of 65 and living with dementia, and their families.
Our program staff or ‘keyworkers’ are experienced professionals who are can provide you with the expert advice and support you need throughout your journey with dementia.

How could the service help me?

A person living with dementia may experience changes to their memory, emotional reactions, safety awareness, problem solving, and social skills. Although these changes may impact a person’s function, our aim is to support you to engage in activities that are meaningful to you and to help you live a fulfilling life.

The program can support you by:

  • Linking you with appropriate services and supports within your community such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Home and Community Care (HACC) and the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).
  • Assisting you with future planning and creating goals to maintain your independence and wellbeing.
  • Providing you with individualised strategies to help manage challenges related to your dementia.
  • Providing you with opportunities to connect with others who are on a similar dementia journey.
  • Linking you with other Alzheimer’s WA services such as: counselling, carers groups and respite.
  • As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out in your local area we can support you and advocate on your behalf to ensure your needs are well understood and catered for.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program you need to have a diagnosis of dementia and be under the age of 65.

Where is the service provided?

You are able to access this service via appointment at our offices in Shenton Park. Where possible we may also be able to provide support to you at home, through Skype, telephone or face-to-face.

What is the cost of the service?

Services are fully funded by the government and free of charge.

How do I access the service?

To find out more, talk to our customer service team on 1300 66 77 88 or contact us.


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