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2018 Tax Appeal

Everyone living with dementia has their own story to tell

Bonnie and Norm

Going the extra mile is at the heart and soul of who we are at Alzheimer’s WA, and for those living with dementia like Norm Thompson and his wife Bonnie, nothing less will do.

And this is why. Dementia has a significant impact on relationships. As dementia progresses, roles within relationships change. Husband and wife become giver and receiver of care. Intimacy disappears. It can feel like you are losing your life partner, your best friend. You are no longer able to confide in one another or plan for the future together.

‘When you are the carer for your loved one you start to think that all those good times you had together are gone forever,’ said Norm.

After attending Mary Chester House with his wife, Norm said he realised he is not alone, and he now feels immense relief that there is such wonderful support available.

‘I can come in and chat with the staff and that really helps me. Bonnie has made some lovely friends, and every Thursday is so excited to spend the day at Mary Chester House,’ he said.

Norm met Bonnie at a time when going to a dance hall was a social ritual. Throughout their relationship, they loved going to restaurants and then out dancing. We know that romantic and social opportunities are limited for people living with dementia, and that is why events such as our recent Valentine’s Dinner Dance are so important.

Bonnie and Norm at the Mary Chester House Valentines Dinner

After attending the Dinner Dance with Bonnie, Norm said ‘for the first time in three years I was able to get my wife up for a dance,’

And that is the heart and soul of who Alzheimer’s WA are.

We go the extra mile for people living with dementia. Please go the extra mile with us so we can continue to provide services to couples like Bonnie and Norm. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

No one should face dementia alone. Please donate today.

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