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Alzheimer’s WA’s vision for Manjimup to become one of Australia’s first dementia friendly towns has taken great strides, with Alzheimer’s WA officially handing the project back over to the town.

During the pilot project from July 2017 to June 2018 Alzheimer’s WA worked with the local community, businesses, and the Manjimup Shire to develop a whole of town approach to being dementia friendly.

A dementia diagnosis is often accompanied by stigma, isolation, discrimination and misunderstanding which can impede the person with dementia living with meaning and purpose in the community. People with dementia deserve to participate in everyday life, and require support and understanding to do so.

Through this project, participating community members and businesses were educated on the background of dementia, how to recognise symptoms, how to communicate with a person living with dementia in the community and workplace, and steps to take to enrich the community and workplace.

Key achievements in Manjimup included:

  • Quiet hour introduced at Coles Manjimup
  • Additional signage on the street
  • Training members of the Manjimup Men’s Shed to support one of their members
  • Training staff in local businesses including cafés, retail and other frontline staff
  • Education for the community about what is dementia and how to be dementia friendly

The outcomes were much greater than we could ever have predicted. The community of Manjimup completely embraced the initiative and now feel more confident and more empowered on how best to support and involve people living with dementia. People living with dementia are also feeling more supported and welcome in their community.

Watch how Manjimup made a difference to Laurie and Derene

Alzheimer’s WA are grateful to the community of Manjimup for embracing this project. In particular, we wish to acknowledge:

  • Shire of Manjimup
  • Baptist Care Moonya, Manjimup
  • Manjimup Community Resource Centre

Dementia Friendly News

The Dementia Friendly Communities project was funded by the WA Country Health Service as part of the Southern Inland Health Initiative.

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