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Author: Alzheimer's WA

Ella’s House 5th birthday celebration

Ella’s House in Mandurah recently celebrated five years of supporting local families on their dementia journey with a garden party. Guests were welcomed with a speech by Ella’s House member Brett who summed up what the House means to him.…
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Do you love to sing? Join our choir!

Music has an extraordinary ability to connect people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Listening to music with emotional significance brings back strong memories for most people. It can enhance wellbeing and quality of life, and can be especially useful…
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Senior woman chatting to her caretaker

Tackling the tricky topics

Are you comfortable talking about the subject of mental health, sexuality or death? What if you were talking to your kids, partner or parents, and the subject was your own mental health, sexuality or death? Many people will find at…
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Friends playing cards together at home.

Use it or lose it mentally

While you can’t do anything to guarantee you won’t develop dementia there is a growing body of evidence that you can significantly reduce the risk of developing it. It’s previously been shown that higher levels of education early in life…
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