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When did you last think about retiring?

Our new (or latest) Prime Minister has announced a review of the Government’s previous decision to extend the retirement age to 70.  This brings the issue of when to retire back into focus. When did you last think about when…
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Elderly man in blue sweater with family on sofa

The difficulty in getting a diagnosis

You know that feeling when something isn’t quite right within yourself? It’s human nature to imagine the worst case scenario, first. Chronic, persistent pain or a lump under the skin? It must be cancer! Just ask Dr Google and you…
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Brent Ladyman

A carer’s life can be a lonely one

Let me ask you two questions. What happens after we retire and the social interaction of our working life ends? What plans have you made to ensure you will remain socially connected and engaged? Over the last twenty years I…
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Elderly Man and Woman on Couch in Nursing Home

Health better than wealth

Retirement and getting older puts a new angle on talk about ‘sustainability’.  It’s a current buzz word for the financial survival for Governments, businesses and anything else we’re trying to deliver or sell.  As we retire and move beyond 60,…
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Grandparents enjoying their time with grandchildren

Ageing in place safely

Home sweet home.  T.S.Elliot wrote ‘home is where one starts from’.  With age, we also know that home is where we want to end.  One of the things we work hardest for throughout our earning life is the security of…
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An elderly couple reviewing documents

Tips to protect yourself from elder abuse

With increasing life expectancies for the ageing baby boomers, savvy financial planning for the golden years is the new black. Numerous revelations of the enquiries into the financial services sector, especially the Royal Commission, raises the bar in terms of…
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