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Our Vision

Our Vision 

A world where people with dementia and their families are supported and valued on their dementia journey.

Our Philosophy

Dementia is a lived human experience rather than just a biological condition.  We therefore embrace and support a holistic, person-centred approach that respects the individuality and the experience of those living with dementia.

Our Purpose

To improve the lived experience of those on the dementia journey through our advocacy, leadership, innovation, education, partnerships and holistic, person-centred care and support, and to support the pursuit of risk reduction, treatment and cure for dementia.

Our Values

Our passion to improve the experience of those living with dementia is supported by our values of:

  • Understanding the unique needs of people with dementia
  • Recognising people as our greatest strength
  • Investing in partnerships
  • Treating people with respect and dignity
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Being transparent, accountable and sustainable

Our Culture

We are ONE

We are ONE with those living with dementia

We work as ONE with our partners

We are ONE proud and disciplined team

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