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Executive Team

Alzheimer’s WA Leadership Team

Rhonda Parker
Chief Executive Officer

Rhonda has been a leading contributor to community development in policy, program and practice in Australia for almost 20 years, particularly in the area of ageing, ageing well, and aged care. She is a former Minister in the Western Australian Government, where she had responsibility for community development portfolios, among others. She led the development of the first National Healthy Ageing Strategy in 2000, and was Australia’s first Federal Aged Care Commissioner.

Danielle Wrench
General Manager, Corporate Services

As the General Manager of Alzheimer’s WA, Danielle Wrench provides strategic leadership and management across the corporate service functions of the organisation.

Jason Burton
Head of Dementia Practice and Innovation

Jason’s role with Alzheimer’s WA is Head of Dementia Practice and Innovation. He leads the organisations focus on developing innovative dementia care philosophy and practice, research and establishing evidence based services and emerging sector partnerships.

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