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Maggie’s mission to prevent Alzheimer’s

Maggie's Recipe for Life

Maggie Beer is on a mission to stop the biggest killer of women in the Australia, Alzheimer’s disease, by cooking up a fresh batch of recipes using food that’s scientifically proven to be good for the brain.

Maggie Beer is one of the country’s most adored and respected cooks and there is another reason to love her as she has co-written Maggies Recipes for Life with one of the world’s leading Alzheimer’s researchers, Professor Ralph Martins.

All the foods in Maggie’s Recipes for Life are packed with anti-oxidants; molecules that protect brain cells from breaking down,

“Every green you can imagine is great for the brain, every coloured vegetable, the purples, the oranges, the reds… They just have that extra edge to them,” Maggie told reporter Alex Cullen in an interview for Sunday Night.

Read more and to watch the full interview on Sunday Night.

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