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Research Study for Nutritional Supplement, Souvenaid

Research Study for Nutritional Supplement, SouvenaidA nutritional supplement called Souvenaid, developed for use by those with newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease, has been on the market for a number of years now.

A recently concluded research study on the effectiveness of Souvenaid was published in the Lancet Neurology research journal on October 31. The study examined the effect of Souvenaid in people with very early Alzheimer’s disease where symptomology may be very minor and where is it too early to give a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (this is known as prodromal Alzheimer’s disease). Often this is given as a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.

During the two year study participants showing mild cognitive impairment, who were also showing abnormal amyloid build up through positron emission tomography scanning, were randomly placed into two groups. One group was given Souvenaid and the other a placebo.

Results of the research study

A series of tests were used to study the two groups, including psychometric testing and brain scans. While the study was found to not have significant impact in the cognitive function tests, there was a significant difference in the amount of brain shrinkage between the two groups.

This study is the strongest we have seen so far of targeted nutritional interventions at very early stages of the Alzheimer’s disease progression, and showed that it may have significant benefits in slowing down the impact on brain changes.

It is important to note that this is not a cure but may benefit people with early Alzheimer’s disease development. The results are an average and will differ from person to person. The study is only relevant to Alzheimer’s disease, not other types of dementia. Alzheimer’s WA advises people with questions about Souvenaid to contact their medical practitioner to discuss the use, side effects and potential benefits before starting any treatment.

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