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Creating a Caring Community – Living Better, Caring Together

Diagram of a Caring Community

Living Better, Caring Together is a small scale co-housing model for couples where one is supporting the other living with younger onset dementia or another life-limiting condition, with an age range of 50-70.

The project is being led by Vicki Barry and Chris Rivett, who are both carers supporting their partners who are living with younger onset dementia. Life has changed considerably for them with the loss of independence and income as they have transitioned from having a career to being a carer.

Vicki and Chris consider co-housing to be an affordable living and care option that will give them more control over their future with the ability to leverage resources to meet their changing needs as time progresses, enhancing their lifestyle with social, economic and environmental benefits, and importantly, they get to choose who they share this lifestyle with.

The hope is to avoid the prospect and agonising decision of placing their loved ones in a care facility. The distinguishing features of this model are the willingness of residents to support one another with their care needs and the inclusion of a low rental residence for a Support Coordinator who can assist with access to services and coordinate group activities.

The project is intended to be self-funded, and at this stage Vicki and Chris are seeking three couples to join the project.

For more information or to express your interest in the project, contact Vicki Barry on 0409 045 373 or email vicki.barry21@iinet.net.au.

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