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Which regional towns in WA are committed to being Dementia Friendly?

Dementia Friendly CommunitiesAlzheimer’s WA are excited to share the next phase of our Dementia Friendly Community project which moves the focus to regional towns over the next 12 months.

The WA Country Health Service are proudly supporting Alzheimer’s WA’s ground-breaking work around creating Dementia Friendly Communities, now focussing on regional towns across Western Australia. This means that Alzheimer’s WA’s services and expertise will reach people in their own community, who may not have been able to access our services previously because of their location.

We are working with communities in the Wheatbelt, South-West and Great Southern regions, with significant community work already undertaken in the towns of Manjimup and York, who are already seeing positive outcomes from the project.

Manjimup and York have both been selected to become Dementia Friendly Communities in their entirety. This involves using a whole-town approach in working together. Community consultations in both towns brought together people living with dementia, local businesses and services, council and general public, who then committed to collaborating in becoming dementia friendly, meaning they are the first towns in Australia to do so.

A Dementia Friendly Community is one where people living with dementia are empowered to have high aspirations and feel confident, knowing they can contribute and participate in activities that are meaningful to them.

What might a Dementia Friendly Community look like?                            

  • Engaging with people living with dementia to shape the community around their needs and aspirations
  • Providing volunteer opportunities
  • Supporting businesses to provide accessible services for people living with dementia. Including staff who understand and know how to communicate effectively
  • Accessible community activities that are welcoming and inclusive for all
  • Environments that are enabling and easy to navigate.

We all have a part to play in working towards becoming dementia friendly. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved if you are living with dementia, as a community group, carer, or business.

For more information please call 1300 66 77 88 or email: dfc@alzheimerswa.org.au

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