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The WE in Dementia: 4th Annual Dementia Partnership Symposium

The WE in Dementia: 4th Annual Dementia Partnership SymposiumIn October 2017, Alzheimer’s WA hosted the 4th annual Dementia Partnership Project Symposium.

The symposium is an integral element of the Dementia Partnership Project and is aimed at supporting community care providers to implement a person-centred approach in their work with people living with dementia.

Keynote speakers at the symposium included: international dementia expert Dr Allen Power; CEO of Meaningful Ageing Australia, Ilsa Hampton; and Dr Cindy Jones, a research fellow with the Griffith Health Institute Centre for Health Practice Innovation. The presentations covered a wide range of topics including: spirituality, storytelling, creativity, creating dementia enabling environments, and the importance of understanding sexual expression in people with dementia.

Also speaking were Dementia Advocates Diann Bates and Dr Bill Jenkins. Diann shared her story of living with Younger Onset Dementia and her ‘Survival Tips and Tricks’ which help to mitigate the anxiety she feels when going somewhere new.

Dr Bill Jenkins shared an incredibly moving story entitled ‘Love and Dementia’ centred around the diagnosis of his wife, Heather, with dementia; his role as her carer and the changes to their relationship as a result.

The symposium presentations can be viewed on the Dementia Partnership Project website 

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