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Alzheimer’s WA houses successfully complete Eden Alternative® re-registration process

Mary Chester HouseMary Chester House, Perth, and Hawthorn House, Albany have successfully re-registered in all ten Eden Alternative principles. Ella’s House, Mandurah, has been successful in obtaining their first two principles.

The Eden Alternative® is a philosophy of person-centred care that focuses upon empowering residents, clients, staff, families, volunteers and other stakeholders to provide a better life for residents and clients.

There are ten Eden Principles associated with the Eden Alternative®. These ten principles are the foundation for fundamental culture change for individuals, communities and organisations. The aim is to shift from an institutional / medical model of care, to one that is more about the person. By embedding these principles into a day centre environment you begin to eliminate the “three plagues” of loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

By combating loneliness, helplessness and boredom we reduce most of the distress and anxiety experienced by residents and clients in Aged Care. Mary Chester House and Hawthorn House first started applying the principles of the Eden Alternative® in 2002, and applied for registration in 2008. All Eden Alternative centres must renew their registration every two years.

In order to continue to be Eden Alternative® registered, staff at Alzheimer’s WA’s Mary Chester House and Hawthorn House have worked tirelessly to ensure they are actively implementing all ten Eden Principles every day.

For more information on the Eden Alternative® please visit edeninoznz.com.au.

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