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Three seniors walking in a park

Dementia and walking

The desire to walk around outside is quite normal for most people, including people living with dementia. When you are caring for a person living with dementia it can be difficult to balance a person’s need for independence with concerns…
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Alzheimer's WA - Chocolate Block Challenge 2018

The Chocolate Block Challenge

Don’t flake on us! Take a time out from chocolate this March to raise money for people with dementia. For a short time in March we are asking you to last only on your memories of chocolate to raise money for the 34,000 people…
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An elderly man living with dementia kissing his granddaughter on the cheek at Christmas time

Holiday Tips

The festive season is a time to enjoy social gatherings and family events which can often mean lots of noise and activity. For a person with dementia, this can be disruptive, confusing, and even distressing, with changes to routine and…
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An elderly lady living with dementia holding a small black dog

Residential Care – Tips for Visiting

The role of family caregivers and friends is still very important, even after a person with dementia moves into residential care. Visiting helps both parties to remain connected, and to feel they are still an important part of each other’s…
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Alzheimer's WA 2017 Walk to Remember fundraising walk participants7

600 Join Us for 2017 Walk to Remember

The annual Walk to Remember concluded with the Perth walk on Sunday 5 November at Perry Lakes Reserve in Floreat. More than 320 people joined in the Perth walk, bringing the total number of people who participated in 2017 to…
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Research study for nutritional supplement, Souvenaid

A nutritional supplement called Souvenaid, developed for use by those with newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease, has been on the market for a number of years now. A recently concluded research study on the effectiveness of Souvenaid was published in the…
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